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1 Description
Kaolak is a web-based community sytem.

A community is defined by its users and documents and is called a kaolak branch. Kaolak is designed to handle many communities (branches) transparently from each other, within a single instance.

Modules can easily be developped and added for specific needs.
For example, the CMS module allow the community to define, design and publish a public website through editors, designers and publishers user groups.
The e-shop module handles products, inventory, invoicing, customers and suppliers list and sales history, statistics, and e-commerce through the public site.

Based on free, wide-spread, open-source technologies, setting up Kaolak is an inexpensive and trivial task for the webmaster. It can run on a dedicated server to handle a large community in an intranet or extranet, as well as run on an average ISP shared server to which the webmaster has limited access.

website : http://www.kaolak.net
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