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3.2 Branches
Branches define node groups. They represent a community and its assets and protect them from outsiders.
They are what makes kaolak a multi-community system as they exist independantly from each other, although they can meet through users upon request.

Additionally to their node properties, branches have :
  • home_dir (string)
  • max_size_MB (int)
  • session_timeout (int)
  • domain_name (string)
  • ftp_host (string)
  • ftp_user (string)
  • ftp_passwd (string)
Only the admins of the branch and kaolak (superuser) have write access to these fields.


Branch's home directory where document reside. Set by default as /kaolak/branches/<branch name>/, the branch admin can set it to a different location as long as it is on another machine and that ftp_address, ftp_user nad ftp_passwd are set and valid.


Writable by kaolak superadmin only, it defines the disk space the community is allowed to use, database and home directory grouped (if residing on kaolak host).


Writable by branch admins only, it defines the time a logged user can stay with no activity without having to relogin.


Host to allow database access if home_dir and ftp fields set and valid.

ftp_host ftp_user ftp_passwd

Access data used for setting home_dir on distant host. ftp_passwd encrypted.

Upon creation (Branch::add()), the kaolak files tree is modified as follow (in this example branch has id 21 and name mybranch) :

/kaolak/branches/mybranch/ -> symbolic link to /kaolak/branches/21/
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