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2.1 Installation
Software requirements
Software type Name Version
Operating system Unix/Linux  
Microsoft Windows 95,98,NT
Apple MacOs 8.6, X
Web server Apache * 1.3
Code interpreter PHP ** 4.0.4
Database server MySql 3.23
Client Mozilla*** 1.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
Netscape Navigator 6.0
* Apache's mod_rewrite needed for public site nice urls and search engine indexing
** PHP needs pcre-regex and globals turned on
*** or any gecko-based, DOM2 javascript capable (document.getElement) browser
1. Download kaolak.tar.gz or kaolak.zip or kaolak.sit. (MacOs)
2. Unpack and place the kaolak directory under the document root of your web server.
3. Edit kaolak/inc/config.php with your database info. If PHP do not have database create rights, create the database manually.
4. Launch your web browser and run http://yourIP/kaolak/setup/kaolak-create.php to create db tables, insert core data and create kaolak root user ('kaolak'). Use kaolak/setup/kaolak-create.sql instead if limited rights.
5. Kaolak is now set up. Go to http://yourIp/kaolak/gui/superadmin/ (login: kaolak - password: kaolak) to change the root password, create new branches, add modules, etc.
6. chmod PHP user to write under /kaolak/branches/

Note: Remove/hide /kaolak/setup/ directory
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