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2.4 Files structure
/kaolak/ kaolak root directory
/kaolak/branches/ branches directory - contents vary
/kaolak/doc/ documentation directory - contents not shown
/kaolak/gui/ GUI directory
/kaolak/gui/common.css stylesheet
/kaolak/gui/edit.css stylesheet
/kaolak/gui/enter.php html default login page popping up kaolak window - may be replaced
/kaolak/gui/group-edit.php html (parent) node reader/writer - included in node.php frame in kaolak window
/kaolak/gui/group-new.php html new group dialog box - redirects to group-save.php on submit - query string : parent node id
/kaolak/gui/group-save.php new group saver - closes group-new.php
/kaolak/gui/gui.php non instanciable GUI class - outputs kaolak explorer tree and more
/kaolak/gui/img/ GUI images directory - contents not shown
/kaolak/gui/index.php kaolak window (frameset initially shows tree.php and info.php) - query string : session string (id)
/kaolak/gui/info.php node reader/writer default page (no node called) - html links to documentation
/kaolak/gui/kaolak-alert.php html alert dialog box - query string : alert message
/kaolak/gui/kaolak.js javascript file
/kaolak/gui/logout.php html logout window popping up on kaolak window close - terminates session and closes itself - query string : session string
/kaolak/gui/node-create.php html node creator dialog box - query string : parent node id
/kaolak/gui/node-move.php html new parent node chooser popup window - display tree of node type nodes
/kaolak/gui/node-remove.php html popup confirm node removal
/kaolak/gui/node-rename.php html popup node renaming
/kaolak/gui/node.php html node reader/writer includes group-edit.php if node is parent, /kaolak/modules/[node type]/node-edit.php otherwise - query string : node id
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/ root user utilities directory
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/add-branch.php create kaolak branch
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/add-module.php Add kaolak module
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/branch-info.php gives kaolak branch info
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/common.css superadmin gui stylesheet
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/change-passwd.php superadmin password changer
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/index.php gui html frameset
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/info.php Application info
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/login.php root user gui login
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/topbar.php html top frame - contains title and buttons
/kaolak/gui/superadmin/supergui.php SuperGUI class - GUI subclass
/kaolak/gui/timeout.php html session timeout page
/kaolak/gui/tree.php html static frame in kaolak window - displays kaolak branch explorer
/kaolak/inc/ base classes directory
/kaolak/inc/config.php database host, name, username and password config file
/kaolak/inc/kaolak.php Kaolak class - MySqlDb subclass - generic kaolak utilities
/kaolak/inc/mysqldb.php MySqlDb class - database interface
/kaolak/inc/node.php Node class - Kaolak subclass - node fields getters and setters
/kaolak/modules/ modules directory
/kaolak/modules/branch/ branch directory - required
/kaolak/modules/branch/add-module.php setup file
/kaolak/modules/branch/branch.php Branch class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/branch/lang.php Lang class - Node subclass - languages
/kaolak/modules/document/ document directory
/kaolak/modules/document/add-module.php setup file
/kaolak/modules/document/document.php Document class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/document/mime_type.php Mime_type class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/shop/ shop directory
/kaolak/modules/shop/add-module.php setup file
/kaolak/modules/shop/invoice.php Invoice class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/shop/product.php Product class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/shop/shop.php Shop class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/user/ user directory - required
/kaolak/modules/user/add-module.php setup file
/kaolak/modules/user/company.php Company class - User subclass
/kaolak/modules/user/gui-edit.php html user edit page included in /kaolak/gui/node.php - query string : node id
/kaolak/modules/user/gui-new.php html new user edit pop window - query string : parent node id
/kaolak/modules/user/gui-save.php user saving routines - query string : node id - post : user fields
/kaolak/modules/user/person.php Person class - User subclass
/kaolak/modules/user/session.php Session class - Node subclass
/kaolak/modules/user/user.php User class - Node subclass
/kaolak/setup/ setup directory
/kaolak/setup/db-create.php SQL file - included in kaolak-create.php
/kaolak/setup/kaolak-create.php creates db, adds base modules, creates root user
/kaolak/setup/kaolak-create.sql kaolak-create.php alternate; fills db, adds base modules, creates root user
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